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About the instructors

1-2014-12-28-14-23-53-003Melinda Franceschini has been practicing the internal arts since 1998 and holds several Qigong/Tai Chi/Ba Gua instructor certifications in the Energy Arts tradition. She has extensive teaching experience, including five years at Brookline Tai Chi where she taught weekly classes and weekend workshops. In her private practice Melinda works with people and animals, offering a variety of healing and spiritual development services.  Her years of experience as an Asian Bodywork Therapist, Acutonics Sound Healing Practitioner, and Holistic Veterinarian add depth to her teaching of the internal arts. Melinda is especially excited by how the internal arts help us to feel more aligned and connected with our deepest selves, others and the natural world.  She is passionate about helping others, supporting them in the process of healing, opening, growing and learning, while being joyfully grounded in the body.

IMG_0180-1Steve Backman “For years, the stresses of office work pressed down on me. I have been a technology worker for 30+ years, mostly writing software for and consulting to nonprofits. While this may be a different experience than yours, so many of us are weighted under the stresses of staring at computer screens, office meetings, long hours, endless deadlines–giving so much of ourselves to contribute to the social good. I struggled to balance that with enjoying my family and being active in my community.”

Some twenty years ago, Steve sought out what else he could do for health and well-being and a mindful connection with the universe. Steve’s journey took him to Tai Chi and related arts. He acknowledges many wonderful teachers and trainings along the way. Like Melinda, Steve studied for many years with Bill Ryan, Roy Moy, Melinda and other teachers at Brookline Tai Chi and with Bruce Frantzis’ Energy Arts programs. Steve took active part in forming a board and transitioning the Brookline school to nonprofit, community-oriented status.

In recent years, Steve has explored other traditions. These include Marie Favorito and Boston Healing Tao as well as Sharon Smith in the Mantak Chia Universal Tao system. Steve studies with the New York Wu Tang Physical Culture Association led by Tina Zhang and Frank Allen. And Steve participates in  Eva Wong’s Seven Star Taoist Training through Shambhala International.

“In starting to teach the material I have learned, I also bring my own  vantage point on the physical and emotional toll of our economic and social ills and the high stress, wired, connected lives so many of us live. I appreciate the opportunity to help others begin to use these timeless physical and energetic practices and to develop inner and outer balance and a new appreciation of the world.”