What we teach

Qigong (Chi Gung):   Chi (Qi) means energy or life force.  Qigong means “energy work.” Energy work means cultivating, moving and balancing the Chi of the body.

From the start, we use easy to learn yet powerful sets to improve alignment, energy circulation, body awareness and mindfulness.  We also introduce principles such as smooth, circular movement, relaxation, whole body integration, and working with the body’s soft tissue and tendon layers.


You can practice these sets outside of class and benefit from them right away.  You can integrate them into your daily routine and other exercises you do. Start your day with qigong, plan a mid-day break or wind down at night with qigong. Use the movements to grow more energized, reduce stress, calm your thoughts and emotions, or prepare for vigorous exercise.

Further training can incorporate breathing practices, energy sensitivity, work on the spine and joints, relieve tension in the eyes, and mindfulness practices for meditation. Qigong can extend to a wealth of other physical and energetic internal principles.

We teach introductory exercises as well as complete sets and forms learned from the several teachers we have studied with.  Please see the “About” pages for more information.

Tai Chi (Taiji, or Taijiquan):   Tai Chi is a related Chinese exercise system. It originally developed as a martial art several hundred years ago, drawing on even earlier traditions.  It originated to combine Qigong energy cultivation with fighting applications.  Most practitioners today learn Tai Chi for its many health benefits.  At JP Chi Works we emphasize its energy cultivation and meditative aspects.  The smooth flowing movements of Tai Chi help to achieve a relaxed state of both body and mind. For many practitioners, it becomes an overall part of life.

Meditation:   We teach meditation drawing from a several traditions as well as experience from many years of personal practice.  Meditation may involve concentrated focus on breathing, visualization or movement. It may also focus on awareness itself, deepening our experience of the present moment. Meditation has many benefits.  It helps to calm thoughts and emotions, find deep relaxation, balance and healing on all levels.  Your meditation goals may include increasing awareness, finding inner calm and stillness, better managing the stresses of everyday life, releasing blocked energy, or exploring the mysteries of the universe.

Background: We teach in the Energy Arts tradition as well as the styles taught by the New York Wu Tang Physical Culture Society (Tina Zhang and Frank Allen).  We also each bring additional background described on the “About us” page.