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About the instructors

Melinda2Melinda Franceschini has been practicing the internal arts since 1998 and holds several Qigong/Tai Chi/Ba Gua instructor certifications in the Energy Arts tradition. She has extensive teaching experience, including five years at Brookline Tai Chi where she taught weekly classes and weekend workshops. In her private practice Melinda works with people and animals, offering a variety of healing and spiritual development services.  Her years of experience as an Asian Bodywork Therapist, Acutonics Sound Healing Practitioner, and Holistic Veterinarian add depth to her teaching of the internal arts. Melinda is especially excited by how the internal arts help us to feel more aligned and connected with our deepest selves, others and the natural world.  She is passionate about helping others, supporting them in the process of healing, opening, growing and learning, while being joyfully grounded in the body.

IMG_0180-1Steve Backman has studied at Brookline Tai Chi and with Energy Arts since 1999. Steve brings a unique personal perspective on reducing stress and seeking balance based on a lifetime of work with nonprofit and community organization staff on software and technology. Drawing from what has worked in his own experience, Steve has adapted his own ways of relating these arts to the physical and emotional toll of the high stress, wired, connected lives many of us live. Steve particularly thrives in helping others to begin to use these timeless physical and energetic practices to develop inner and outer balance and a new appreciation of the world.