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Getting Started with Meditation

I just came across How to Meditate again from the New York Times Well section. David Gelles covers the basics in a matter-of-fact, disarming, and generic way. Its a way to test the waters and see if you want to pursue it.

Of the techniques, he touches on, I started with the “body scan” approach he describes. More specifically, I learned and practiced Energy Arts “standing dissolving” for years. Doing this is a form of Qigong. It’s “energy work,” practiced with intention and attention to move on the inside.

Dissolving gradually flowed into sitting, “inner dissolving” and from there exploration of meditation.

Gelles also discusses mindfulness, related and likely more in the Western public mind these days. Also a pathway in and deeper.

Even if you already have a meditation practice, you might take a moment to read, or reread it, and use it to reflect on your own experience. Not a bad reflection to do.